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This Sam Devlin design was custom built by Tom Larkin of Seattle and has proven herself worthy on at least one previous trip up the Inside Passage towards Southeast Alaska. As the Devlin Boat Company states, the Godzilla 25 is “a working boat that would happily carry you away to distant ports.”

This custom Godzilla 25 design has spent many hours commuting to work with its original owner, and has spent many nights away on vacation, exploring the BC Inside Passage. In addition to the Inside Passage, this boat has ventured to a variety of Lower BC destinations and numerous ports within Puget Sound. This is not a “big boat”, but a lot of thought and creative design has optimized the use of available space. This boat has proven its ability to travel and to provide safe and comfortable accommodations.

I am impressed with the great level of research, thought, and creativity that has gone into this custom mini tug and cruiser. She was built to be very sturdy, safe, and easy to maintain. A great deal of attention was given to optimizing the use of space and providing practical conveniences. She is clearly the source of great pride and joy. This mini tug cruiser now awaits a new owner and a new set of adventures. Where will your next adventure take you?