Music ties the Festival together. We welcome a variety of acts to play throughout the festival weekend. We try to maintain a balance between well-loved, long-time festival favorites, and a few new acts each year. Performing at Wooden Boat Festival is about being a part of this great event, and the rewards are many… but not necessarily monetary. If you’re interested in performing and being a part of this wonderful event for the fun and joy (and a little money) we would love to have you!

Time slots are very limited, so get your name in the hat early!


Ready to Apply?

You will need:

  • A short description of your act and the music you play
  • A sample of your work—either a link to your website or YouTube video, or an MP3 file
  • List of your equipment needs
  • A photo of your group


For your safety, the Festival Stage Manager is in charge of the music stage. If there is a lightning storm, or other emergency, they are in charge of when the music gets shut down, electricity shut off, etc.


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