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The Krokenen is a robustly built, wooden classic built in 1977 in Grimstad, Norway. The hull form can generally be attributed to the coastal fishing boats of the country and was most probably built by a yard experienced with purpose built workboats and pocket cruising yachts for the fjords and waterways. The name means ‘Hiding Place’ as the builder’s son would love to hide in the hull as it was being built.

The hull is framed in full cut white oak on 18-­20” centers let into a massive white oak keelson/keel with similar cut stem, shaft log, and horn timber. The hull is stiffened with oak clamps generally each is formed by two sections. The clamps/longitudals sweep up to form an artistically faired counter stern. All frames and clamps are steam bent from dense old growth oak. The planking is lap straked long leaf Norwegian pine of about 5/8” thickness and 7+” width. The vessel is fastened with copper rivets every 4” on each seam and through each frame. Keel bolts and drifts are bronze. The deck framing, hatches, and house are either of pine or white oak … with some other hardwoods utilized. The vessel is powered by a Volve 4 cylinder diesel and an auxiliary electric drive system utilizing two Minn Kota drift motors.

The vessel was previously owned by experienced fisherman and commercial shipyard owners in Ballard– one of the few traditional yards experienced with wooden boats.