Montana Wild

In Festival Boats 2023

Montana Wild is a seventeen foot kayak boasting several natural wooden inlays depicting wildlife commonly found in Montana. Although it would be too numerous to list here, there were 38 different woods were used to capture various animals and birds for this boat. Special attention was given to the wood selections, especially for the wildlife, to capture color, texture, grain patterns, etc., that would conceptualize the design of each creature or object. Many of the woods were either gifted and/or had some special or significant meaning in my life.

I’m forever grateful to the people who contributed their efforts and donations for the completion of this boat. A special debt of gratitude goes out to my wife Nancy, my trusted great friend and art teacher Donna B., videographer Mike Anderson, and fellow boat builder, woodworker, and terrific writer Larry Cheek. All these fine people provided the support, encouragement, and drive to help me complete this boat. I build for this for them and my sanity.