In Festival Boats 2022

Some boats are race boats. Some boats are cruising boats. Opus, a modified Wee Seal, designed by Iain Oughtred, is a boat that just seems to make people smile wherever she shows up, according to Seattle owner Lee Bjorklund.

With Scandinavian-influenced longer ends, and great reserve buoyancy all round, Opus has proven to be a double-ended, exceptionally able, comfortable, dry and sea-worthy vessel. She handles and balances well in all sorts of conditions. Opus is a shining example of a pocket cruiser that is not intimidated by distance, location, or sea conditions (within reason). She is a boat where, in the words of Wayne Roberts “the essence of simplicity is the height of enjoyment.”

Opus has performed in everything from 30+ mph winds and 5’ seas to dead calms. No water has ever been taken over the sides or into the cockpit. In fact, you’d likely need to lay the mast on the water to wet the gunnels. Her round profile can give her a rolling ride in a quartering sea but she’s a boat that can look after herself comfortably and get you home safely when the weather turns bad.