In Festival Boats 2021

Banjo was designed to live on a trailer and has cruised waters from the Gulf Islands in British Columbia to San Francisco Bay to Monterey. My wife and I have spent as long as ten days cruising in surprising comfort for such a small boat. It is a common sight on the California Delta, and perfect for making a spur of the moment decision to motor a few miles for dinner or an evening cruise.

Designed and built by Devlin Designing Boatbuilders, the twenty-foot hull is powered by a reliable ninety horsepower outboard and honors the tradition of a Lake Union cruiser. Its spacious cabin has a small but functional galley forward and a built-in fireplace that easily warms the cabin on cold mornings. The jaunty Charlie Noble smokestack on the forward deck adds to the classic look. The pilot house is open at the back with a fixed canvas bimini and side curtains that create a very comfortable aft cabin at night.

Banjo is very stable and maneuvers with ease in congested areas. I have experienced winds in excess of 25 mph with four to five foot waves. By slowing and maneuvering, Banjo brought us safely home.