Vito Dumas

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Vito Dumas started her life as “Irupe” in the Rio de la Plata area of Argentina. She made her way to San Diego in 1975 after a voyage up to the Caribbean and Panama Canal by Pepe and Julio Ozan. I purchased then named Vito Dumas in early 1976 with a partner. We spent a winter in San Diego doing some significant work to the cockpit and decks before beginning a cruise that included California’s Channel Islands, Baja California, Marquesas, Tuamotus, Societies, Hawaii, Alaska, British Columbia, Haida Gwai, and finally Port Townsend by the end of 1979. The intervening years have included many more trips northward to Vancouver Is, Haida Gwai, and locally in the San Juan’s.

Vito’s original construction was of superior woods and of professional quality. But time and use have a way of catching up so that it becomes necessary to refresh and restore the worn areas. I have overseen and done several hull projects which included some replanking above and below the water which entailed removal of the original wrought-iron nails and older repairs that were not of the same standard as the original. Bent frames in the midsection have been replaced with laminated locust and copper riveted in place as done throughout before. Bronze floors were added to the sawn floors to give the hull more resistance to mast loads.

Vito is a great testament to the longevity of a carvel planked vessel given the proper care. As she nears the age of ninety, she seems to be a lively and capable as ever in her life.