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Jan 6: Nigel Calder - Recording Below
Jan 20: Womens Boat Building Panel - Recording Below
Feb 3: Mimi George - Recording Below
Feb 17: Andy Stewart & Zachary Simonson-Bond - Recording Below
Mar 3: Race Boss & Race Marshall - Recording Below
Mar 17: Susan Britton - Click Here

On-Demand Videos

On-Demand Video

LGBTQ+ and Finding My Way in the Maritime Industry

Susan Brittain, a transgender woman who has been in the maritime industry for over 40 years, moderates a panel of LGBTQ+ mariners as they share their stories. The panel includes Lou Geraghty, Amy Kovacs, and Tiffany Krihwan.

Behan and Jamie Gifford: Pandemic Cruising in Mexico

Free to move about! Currently in Mexico, Behan and Jamie share knowledge for cruising during the pandemic.

Chris Chase & Susan Shillinglaw: Behind the Scenes of the Western Flyer Project

Behind the scenes of the Western Flyer: the charming backstory about the bandsaw that built the boat twice, partnering with surfboard builders, and more.

Andy Stewart & Paul Bieker

From concept to sailing in one year—Paul Bieker of Bieker Boats and Andy Stewart of Emerald Marine take you through the process.

Ernie Baird & Diana Talley

When to go fast and when to go slow. Ernie and Diana share their boatbuilding wisdom and experience: when you can estimate and when precision is imperative and non-negotiable

John Welsford

All about boat design—from working up a design brief to translating that into plans to produce a craft that will fit the clients needs and resources.

Danielle Doggett

The amazing story of building Ceiba: carbon-neutral shipping, sustainability, and making the world a better place.