Immerse Yourself in Japanese Boatbuilding at the 43rd Wooden Boat Festival

In Festival Highlights

When you step into the Boatshop at this year’s Festival, you’ll be stepping into the cultural center of our Japanese Boatbuilding theme. Amid the sawdust and shaving are treasures of history and tradition, a culture so different from our own. As the last generation of traditional Japanese boat builders grows older, it is more important than ever to learn about these fascinating traditions and techniques that have rarely been written down.

Japanese Features at Festival:

Activities taking place all weekend unless otherwise noted


Merry Chase
Japanese built in 1903 in BC. On display in the harbor.

Silver Ann
The last Japanese built Gillnetter in BC. On display in the harbor.

Japanese Ship Models
On display in the Boatshop

Japanese River Boat
On display in the Boatshop


Suzuki Tools
Specialty tools from Japan for sale and on display in the Boatshop

Zephyrwerks & Ed Louchard
Handmade custom Japanese tools and knives for sale and on display in the Boatshop

WoodCraft Seattle
Custom Japanese tools for sale and on display in the Boatshop


History of Japanese Boat Builders in British Columbia
Sat 1:15 PM
Discovery Stage
presentation by Tad Roberts

Taiko Drumming
Sun 12:00 PM
Bar Harbor
Hear the thunder of Taiko Drumming

Shinto Launching
Sun 12:30 PM
Basin of Marina
Experience a traditional Shinto Launching

Gyotaku Fish Printing
All weekend in Kids Cove
Make a t-shirt or tea towel!

Kerzurokai USA Planing Contest
All weekend in the Boatshop
Come try your hand at planing! Who can make the thinnest shaving?