Solar Sal 27

In Festival Boats 2019

Runs on sunshine! If you throw her batteries overboard (not recommended) she will cruise at 5 knots in the summer sun, and 2-3 knots on a cloudy day. 40 miles in the batteries. Full brochure available at

Enjoy the Journey:Our boats are quiet. No shouting over engine noise to have a conversation. The ride is calm, comfortable and pleasant. The electric motor makes a hum, but you’ll barely notice it. The Orcas will also appreciate the minimal motor noise. No exhaust and no engine oil means no pollution, no odors, and no oil changes. The new Laveo dry-flush toilet is sanitary and convenient: no stinky holding tank, no pump out stations and no discharge. Gentle on your wallet – there are almost no maintenance or operating costs. No fuel bills. She is the ultimate plug and play – plugs directly into the sun!

Sam Devlin is known to build high quality boats that last a lifetime. He is the perfect partner to build our Solar Sal line of boats in the Pacific Northwest. The Solar Sal 27 is an inspired collaboration, designed to bring a highly efficient solar boat to life with classic design, Northwest functionality and impeccable construction.