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Pleiades was purchased by Kay Robinon in the winter of 1979. At that time she was just a hull….no decking, deck framing, or cabin. Her spars however, were included, as was a very rotten suit of sails.

Between 1979 and 1987 Kay and her husband Peter, along with an extensive cadre of local talent completely rebuilt Pleiades with the except.ion of portions of the deadwood. That cadre included Bryan Hayes, Ed Louchard, Liza Constable, Jack Finney, Charlie Moore, Miguel Winterburn, Kurt Hansen, rish Paul,and Pete Langley. Of special note is the design work of Ed Louchard on her deck layout and cabin.

Kay and Peter sailed Pleiades for 10 years before an extensive haulout was needed to renew through hull f ittings, ref it toe rails, and renew standing rigging and some of her running rigging. Steve Chapin contributed greatly to the success of the ’97 haulout. After another 10 years, Pleiades went through another extensive haulout beginning in February, ’07. She went back in the water at the end of June with a remodeled cockpit, new coaming drifts, and repaired transom, transom framing and

four hood ends. The transom area work was necessitated when rot was discovered in the transom planking. The ’07 haulout was greatly assisted by Russell Brown, who lent us use of his shop and expertise, Dave Langley, who kindly loaned us his trailer, and Miguel Winterburn, whose shipwright skill and knowledge greatly facilitated the transom work.

Pleiades’ first suit of the modern era was built by Kay in Carol Hasse and Nora Petrich’s P.T. Sails loft in 1987. Kay built a second suit i n Sean Rankins’ Northwest Sai ls loft i n 2003 with design assist from Sandy Goodall.

Unfortunately, Pleiades’ designer and year and place of origin are unknown. The previous owner provided no significant identifying information. She has been a joy to Kay and Peter and will continue to sail the inland waters of the Pacific Northwest.