Wooden Boat Festival Headliner: Lin Pardey

In Festival Highlights

When it comes to circumnavigations, adventure on the high seas, and an expertise in what it means to live a full life led by the sail, there are few whose experience can be bested by Lin Pardey. Having completed over 200,000 miles on the seas including an east-about and west-about circumnavigation, Lin, along with her lifetime sailing partner and husband Larry, have inspired sailors throughout their entire lives with their journeys and writings. We are incredibly honored to host Lin Pardey again at the Wooden Boat Festival.

Lin has been the recipient of many of the highest honors sailors can receive, including the Ocean Cruising Club Lifetime Achievement award, the International Oceanic Award and induction into the Cruising World Hall of Fame. Although Larry now lives in assisted living after the onset and advancement of parkinsonian dementia, Lin is still sailing strong and has logged over 9000 miles in the past year from her homebase in New Zealand.

Don’t miss Lin at the Wooden Boat Festival!

Special pre-festival seminar:
Writing, Videos and Blogging: How to Make it Pay
Thursday 9/5 9:30 AM to 1:30 PM
Cost $ 100 – tickets here
Technical Stage

Cost Control as you Cruise
Friday 9/6 2:30
Adventure Stage

Women’s Offshore Panel
Saturday 9/7 1:15
Adventure Stage

The Adventures That Shaped Our Lives
Saturday 9/7 3:45
Adventure Stage

Create an Unstoppable Boat
Sunday 9/8 12:00
Adventure Stage