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Havhesten (“Seahorse”) was built in Langesund Norway. Her construction began before WWII but was halted soon after it started. Her construction was completed just after the end of the war. She is known in her native waters of Langesund on the southeast coast of Norway as a Langesund Sailing Sjekte (Skiff). Her type of keelboat evolved on the local fjord over many years. Each boat shop… of which there were many… built their own boat to agreed measurements to race against each other. Her construction is oak sawn frames on a oak keelson with Norwegian Red Pitchine Lapstrake planking. Teak decks and furniture. Spruce spars. All fasteners are copper rivets and bronze screws and bolts. Lead ballast. She carries a mainsail with, when the bowsprit is deployed, two headsails and a asymmetrical spinnaker.

We bought her in 1990 and brought her back with us when we moved back to Port Townsend. She was restored here.