In Festival Boats 2019

Designed and built by Russell Brown, the PT Eleven is a highly developed 11ft nesting dinghy ideal for cruising boats since she can be stored in a small space! The PT 11 rows very well and has a simple and lightweight, high performance sailing option. The 2 hull halves can be assembled in 15 seconds, in the water or out. Sold as a high quality kit. The website, PTWATERCRAFT.COM shows both boat kits from Port Townsend Watercraft, with information, photos, and videos. “Cognito” is the personal boat of the owners for their G32 catamaran “Incognito”. It was built testing weight savings by using 4mm plywood on the upper panels and trimming wherever possible. It turned out to be extremely complicated to go this route but the boat will be great for Team Valhalla’s bid in the 2019 Seventy/48 at approximately 10 Lbs lighter than the already light 90 Lbs for the standard model. Go Inger and Team Valhalla!