Ama Natura

In Festival Boats 2019

Ama Natura (“She Loves Nature”) is a 36’ motorsailer built by the NWSWB, and used for the last 11 years for petroleum-free Inside Passage exploring and decarbonizing. A collaboration between Carl Chamberlain and owner/architect Capt. Peter Wilcox, AMA Natura was designed to be a very low impact Inside Passage cruiser and floating green technology laboratory.

The 10-ton displacement vessel has consistently utilized 100% waste biomass-sourced biodiesel for fuel in its 48hp slow-turning diesel and for heating, and ethanol for cooking. By next year AMA should be operating on easier to use “inherently non-toxic” Renewable diesel (R99) with its even lower emissions. AMA’s sailing salmon troller-inspired hull and powertrain were modeled for efficiency. She sips .75gph at a non-cuprous bottom paint hull speed of 7+ knots, and her 500+sf gaff ketch rig for motorsailing, to reduce rolling, and to propel her near hull speed in ideal reaching winds. AMA’s renewable motor oil, transmission fluid and steering fluid are also very low carbon and low toxicity, exactly the same as NOAA has used in many of its vessels for the last 20 years. AMA has 225 watts of solar PV and 4 lightweight, high capacity carbon-foam Firefly batteries to meet electrical needs at anchor or dock. She has always had a composting Air Head.

AMA is the flagship of the Inside Passage Decarbonization Project. The “IPDP” has built alliances with Greenpeace, First Nations, ports, resorts, fuel docks, and boaters up and down the Inside Passage to implement its 12-year IPCC-consistent strategies to dramatically lower marine carbon emissions, eliminate toxic liquids and implement 100% renewable shore power by 2020.