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Holiday has been family-owned since launched in July 1946. My Grandfather Rex Bartlett commissioned Ed Monk Sr. to design her and she was built on Seattle’s Lake Union by the Edison Technical School. Jim Chambers, who ran the school along with Earl Wakefield and Vic Franck, also worked on building her. I grew up on the boat and later helped “Gramps” maintain her, taking ownership in 1985.

Holiday has not required restoration and has been maintained in her original configuration. She still has her original canvas decks and the varnished Grandy lap strake dingy stored on the galley deck which was given to my Grandfather as a gift from the school for the volunteer work he did there. Holiday has been displayed in Ed Monk and the Tradition of Wooden Boats, Passage Maker magazine, and featured in Wooden Boat’s Motor Boat. In the early days, my Grandmother Verda wrote articles about their trips for Sea and Motor Boat magazines.