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Original hull designed and built by Pat Spurlock to serve as a plug, out of which came the mold for the Elliott Bay Steamlaunch. Dan Pence radically altered the low sleek hull dispite Mr Spurlocks objections. It was built up and over to become a fake 1920’s raised deck cruiser. Powered by an ancient electric forklift motor of 2 kw driving an 8 to 1 reduction gear to a 20” x 25” propellor. Electricity is stored in 6 Li-Ion modules made by InerDel. Cruising range is 50 miles upwind, unlimited downwind using a small sail rig. Reserve power is supplied by a tow behind generator dinghy. Inside Ginger is an antique cast iron wood stove, traditional helm station, one wide berth under the bow, and seating for five in the salon. Ginger was built for a young family of four. Today, as the kids are grown, she serves an intimate escape vehicle for two.