Carpenter II

In Festival Boats 2018

Built in Maine in 2007, she has plied Maine’s coastal waters and primarily Penobscot Bay, until she was brought here last June, where she resides in Port Hadlock. She was a mainstay vessel at the annual TSCA Small Reach Regatta in the Eggemoggin Reach area of Maine. With a small canvas area for her ketch rig, an 18 ft. length and a 4 ft. 6 in. beam, drafting 5 in. with her centerboard up, she is a slow but steady, sound, and balanced vessel that could best be described as a cross between a lifeboat and a dory. She is glued-lap of Meranti plywood and weighs 450 lb. empty. She is also a safe vessel with two water-tight turtlebacks fore and aft. In light winds, she sail/rows comfortably but really enjoys a stiff breeze, when other small boats are reefing and heading to harbor.