In Festival Boats 2017

Built from a kit by Port Townsend Watercraft, this stitch and glue design is modern in appearance, very fuel efficient, functional and attractive. I was attracted to the project after attending this festival several years ago. I hadn’t thought I was actively planning on building a boat, but I had always been intrigued with the stitch and glue process. When I got home from the festival, looking through the materials gathered and photos taken, the PT Skiff just jumped out at me. After ordering and reading through the excellent building manual, I arranged to visit PT Watercraft to view and test drive the PT Skiff. Ashlyn and Russell are the most gracious people and the test drive went really well.

The kit is very well put together and the instructions are clear. This is the first total boat I have built although I have worked on several. I spent a lot more time completing the project than anticipated, but enjoyed it tremendously. Though I haven’t spent a lot of time on the water, I love the way she rides and handles – very comfortable and confidence inspiring.”