In Festival Boats 2017

“Ebb” is a glued lapstrake varient of the 1911 Lake George Boat “Winona” which is in the Mystic Seaport collection. The Lake George Boats were recreational boats derived from the working Whitehalls. The LGBs had a simpler and lighter construction than the Whitehalls, and also didn’t feature their wineglass transoms.
“Ebb” is built for our own use. We needed a fast pulling boat with a traditional appearance, but built as lightly as reasonable without sacrificing aesthetics.

In designing “Ebb” we reduced the beam and made the transom narrower, while keeping the nearly semi-circular cross section of “Winona”. “Ebb” will be more tender, but we’re happy to trade a bit of stability (“Winona” had plenty) for a boat with less wetted surface. A bit of rocker was added to improve maneuverability, and the forefoot was extended to create a finer entry.