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This is the Graduate 25, design #712, from the Build-a-Boat Plans catalog from Sydney, Australia. It was built near Portland, Oregon at Heydon Island on the Columbia River in 1987 by Garry Weber. The hull is of Cold Molded Construction with the first/inside layer of 3/8″”Alaskan Yellow cedar and 3) 1/8″” diagonal layers of Red Meranti, the deck and house are plywood, the entire vessel is covered and sealed using fiberglass cloth and epoxy. The fin keel sports a lead ballast of 1670 pounds and combined with the spade rudder is very maneuverable. The masthead sloop rig sail area is 300 square feet and all inboard. Auxiliary power is by a single inboard diesel. The cockpit foot well is self draining.

After launching, Garry lived aboard for 7 years and cruised up and down the coast. One cruise took Garry from Astoria to San Francisco in 5 1/2 days. Then it was down to the Sea of Cortez for a winter of exploring the rugged coast as far as Bahia de Los Angeles. He traveled north into British Columbia every season and always made being in the Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival part of his sojourn.