Wooden Boat Festival Update, March 24, 2020

To our Wooden Boat Festival family,

In this very challenging and uncertain time, I wanted to reach out to our entire Wooden Boat Festival family and let you know that the 44th Wooden Boat Festival is still on as planned September 11-13th!

Applications are flowing in from boaters, vendors, presenters, and musicians. We are moving forward—knowing that when this difficult time is over, we will all want to come together to celebrate the things that mean the most. Our community of wooden boat enthusiasts are a huge part of what ties us together and defines us.

The Northwest Maritime Center is going into a period of hibernation to protect our people and allow the virus to play out. During the hibernation, we will be planning and moving towards what we hope will be a normal Wooden Boat Festival. We have had to cut back in many ways, but we are still here, moving towards the events that we love so much and define the Maritime Center and Port Townsend. Race to Alaska, SEVENTY48, and the Wooden Boat Festival will all go forward if at all possible.

The Northwest Maritime Center itself will be following the protocols of the day, and will likely be closed more than open in the next few months. We will be working from home for now to keep the Festival Fires burning. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions. I will be putting out more information as we learn more.

We wish you the very best throughout this challenging time.

Barb Trailer, Wooden Boat Festival Director