Eileen Marie

In Festival Boats 2019

Eileen Marie is a 12 foot dory skiff. She is built from Okoume plywood, mahogany, and ash. While she was built as primarily as a rowing vessel, she has a 20″ transom to be able to take a small outboard if desired. The builder, Mark Alpen of Escondido, California, originally built the boat to be his “exercise machine with a view.”   His grand children soon insisted on being taken along for the ride. The small, 12 footer became too cramped for the three of them and Mark offered the boat to me with plans to build a larger version.  He passed away before completing the larger version. She is now a treasured remembrance of a dear friend.

According to Mark, her home port, Lukupu Landing, is the home of the cartoon character Crusader Rabbit. Crusader Rabbit was the first made for TV animated series and debuted in 1950. The show’s creators went on to bring us The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show.