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Boat Exhibitors

Wooden boats of all shapes, sizes and designs - historic and ultra modern - are invited to exhibit at the Wooden Boat Festival. Boats can be displayed on land or in water. In water boats are docked and rafted together in Point Hudson marina or on the historic waterfront docks. On land boats can be on stands, trailers or hauled out in the Boat Yard Stage area. Interaction between boat owners and the people who attend is a hallmark of the festival, so all boat exhibitors must be open to public boarding and/or discussion.

1. Important dates and deadlines for 2014

  • 04/21/14 - Boat application process opens for 2014
  • 05/01/14 - Exhibitor application process opens for 2014
  • 07/01/14 - Application deadline for your boat to be listed in the printed program
  • 08/15/14 - Application process closes.
  • Late August - Applications for ON LAND exhibits continues. Boats IN WATER may still apply, but will be added to Wait List and notified if space becomes available. Payment for Wait List boats is due upon notice of acceptance and to confirm your boat.
  • 08/01/14 - Deadline to cancel and receive refund minus $50 fee.
  • 09/04/14 - Boats arrive by Land and Water starting 12:00 noon

2. Commercial Activity and Exhibitor Policies

By applying to exhibit at the Wooden Boat Festival you agree to abide by our Commercial Activity and Exhibitor Policies as outlined below:
  • No for sale or commercial signage can be displayed above decks
  • Boats "for sale" pay a small fee and are advertised as such on our website, on boat display sheets and in the printed program (see deadline)
  • Boats connected to a Commercial Exhibit (e.g. boat kit companies, yacht brokers, charter companies) can have printed information available inside the boat. We will attempt to place your boat near the tent display or on a dock in view from your tent.
  • Boats arrive Thursday, the day before festival and must be attended throughout the weekend through Sunday at 5:00pm.
  • Boats selling tickets aboard or chartering during the event donate a portion of sales to Wooden Boat Festival and must sign Charter agreement. Please contact us for details.
  • Your boat will be listed on our website year-round